Program Overview / Track Descriptions
The 2014 Building Energy Summit will have four educational tracks dedicated to supporting the following business areas.

Business / Financial Track

The business track will focus on the financial benefits of intelligent, green buildings. Sessions will address the costs associated with building, retrofitting, and operating sustainable, energy efficient properties – as well as provide specific ROI models associated with various “green” initiatives. We’ll discuss life cycle costs, financing options, payback periods, risk tolerance, cash flow, improved asset value, effect on leasing rates, energy supply costs, rebates and incentives, marketing benefits, and more.

Technical / Operations Track

The technical track is designed for building operators, engineers, facility managers, technology directors, or anyone who is interested in learning about new energy efficient technologies and operational solutions for buildings. We’ll discuss specific products and solutions that are revolutionizing building operations, such as advanced lighting fixtures and controls, building automation, energy optimization software, data collection and analytics, predictive maintenance, cloud-based applications, on-site power generation, fuel cells, alternative sources of energy, smart grids and micro-grids, and other valuable technologies.

Government Track

The government track is specifically designed to tackle the challenges faced by government owned and operated buildings, including budget restrictions, procurement options, financing, historic buildings, organizational challenges, third party services, and more. As government leaders face continuous pressure to cut costs and maintain accountability to taxpayers, the need for measurement and verification of energy efficient measures becomes more important. Learn how governments can cut costs while fostering economic growth and job creation through effective energy management.

Corporate / Enterprise Track

The corporate / enterprise track addresses the unique needs of corporate and enterprise energy users, focusing on strategies and solutions for comprehensive energy management across a large portfolio of properties. Sessions will cover such topics as enterprise energy planning, monitoring and reporting, organizational alignment, lighting strategies and solutions, network energy optimization solutions, plug load management, behavior modification, resource and supply purchasing, employee and tenant education programs, and other corporate enterprise-based actions.